Hazel Grove Baptist church


Our Vision

If God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son then our vision must reflect His heart. If God's heart is for people then so must ours be. People are to be at the centre of our focus.

Pastor and build up

We acknowledge that God calls us as believers to love one another. This means all of us will have a concern for peoples' physical, mental and emotional well being. Our vision is for people to find unconditional acceptance and respect based on Jesus' heart, that if you did it to them you also did it to me.

Evangelise and heal

We acknowledge that Jesus has given us a commission to reach out and to preach the Gospel to those who don't know Him and to do everything we can to both share and demonstrate the Kingdom of God to them. Our vision is to see people regularly being converted and healed by the risen Jesus.

Organise and involve

We acknowledge that Jesus organised and involved His disciples in team ministry. Bearing in mind the picture of the church as a body with everyone playing their part and exercising their gifts. Our vision is for everyone to be actively involved in the team ministry of the church.

Pray and worship

We acknowledge that the primary goal of God for our lives is to worship Him. Our vision is to build a community whose passion and desire is to worship God.

Learn and change

We acknowledge that the God we worship is the God of change and that he has committed Himself to change us. Our vision is for a people to be part of His mission and send people out to do this.

Equip and enable

We acknowledge that Gods calls all of us to be involved. Our vision is for a Church that is concerned for the world, a church that equips and enables people to be part of His mission and sends people out to do this.

NB : In all of the above we recognise our dependence upon and need of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.