Hazel Grove Baptist church


HGBC have a number of social action projects and activities to build relationships with people in our local community including:

Luncheon club

Many of the seniors within our community view the bi-weekly Luncheon Club as one of the highlights of their calendar.

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A few years a go a group of people had a vision to, once a week, create a Cafe which is welcome to all. In addition the Cafe should serve high quality cakes and drinks at affordable prices. We have been staggered to see it grow from its launch to become a thriving hub for conversation, friendship and excellant food.

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We have launched a new group called Oasis. It's a place for people interested in faith but may not be ready to attend every Sunday monring. Intresting topics, great friendships and lovely cakes all in our Bay 3 community room.

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Acorn Pregnancy Advice Centre

Acorn Pregnancy Centre logo

At the HGBC Pregnancy centre we offer time and space to talk about any issues regarding unplanned pregnancy and any difficulties experienced following an abortion. Our service is free and confidential and is run by trained volunteers.

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At HGBC we hold Causeway meetings on the second Monday of every month, apart from August and January. This is an organisation that values and supports adults with learning difficulties by giving access to church, in a way that is enjoyable, friendly and easy for all to understand, without being patronising.

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Stockport Foodbank logoIn response to the increasing needs that have been identified in our area, HGBC has recently opened a foodbank. Working closely with the Trussell Trust, the foodbank is now able to offer emergency food parcels to those within our community who have been referred to us by the Social Services or other frontline agencies.

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