Hazel Grove Baptist church

Home Mission

Home Mission is the work we support through prayer, resources and growing relationships, around the United Kingdom.

Baptist Union of Great Britain Baptist Union

As a Baptist church we support the Home Mission fund that supports other small or emerging churches with finaces and resourcs to see new churches planted, grow and established across the United Kingdom. For more information, contact http://www.baptist.org.uk/

Fresh Streams Fresh Streams

Is a branch of the Baptist Union that has a vision to unite, encourage and resource leaders and churches…
to be passionate about God, real in relationships and stuck into God’s mission. The main emphasis is on Word and Spirit together releasing mission and real relationships. For more information, contact http://freshstreams.net/

Evangelical Alliance Evangelical Alliance

HGBC is a member of The Evangelical Alliance that brings together likeminded churches in the United Kingdom. Together we’re passionate: about God, about the Church and about the Bible. By being united we can raise the profile of Christianity across the UK. Together we can pray for Gods rule and reign, his Kingdom come, on Earth as it is Heaven. For more information, contact http://www.eauk.org

Hazel Grove Churches Together 

We are a member of Hazel Grove Churches together and take part in various unity events. This includes Lenten Services in the run up to Easter, Praise in the Park and other events that we pray will bring Gods kingdom to Hazel Grove.

Christian In Schools Trust (CISTCIST

CIST is a Christian schools work charity, working in the borough of Stockport.  Associated to Scripture Union they work in nursery, primary, secondary and sixth form education. The lead various clubs, Chaplaincies and assemblies in schools. For more information, contact http://www.cist.org.uk/

Sports Chaplaincy UK Sports Chaplaincy

Sports Chaplaincy UK provides support and encouragement as well as training for sports chaplains throughout the UK. For more information, contact www.sportschaplaincy.org.uk 

Overseas Mission

Overseas Mission is the work we support through prayer, resources and growing relationships, outside of the United Kingdom.

Stush, Karen and Yohan Nyongesa WECKaren & Stush


Karen & Stush work with WEC International in Gambia. Karen runs the medical programme, based in Sibanor where the Erskines lived and worked before. Stush works with the Evangelical Church of the Gambia, helping with the leadership team and is the acting youth leader in Sibanor church.

Pray God will protect Yohan from malaria and skin boils in the rainy season. Pray that God will call more doctors and nurses to go and work in Sibanor clinic especially for 2016. Pray for Gods blessing on their work in Gambia.


Nurse Training at Sibanor Clinic.

We support the training of nurses at Sibanor Clinic in The Gambia. This is run by WEC International Missionaries, reaching out to the Mandinka, Jola and Fulani people in the area, through the provision of medical care, home care follow up for those with HIV and outreach activities.


The Belarus Fund


We are Alan and Janet Bridgewater, co-founders of The Belarus Fund Charity and members of Hazel Grove Baptist Church. As part its church ministry, our church provides prayerful support and also finance for projects in Belarus.

The Belarussian people are doing their absolute best to help each other, they just need a little extra support. We cannot take away the problems, nor do we make that promise. But what we are able to do is offer small projects, a “hand up” rather than a “hand out”. Our charity has no overheads and so all the funding goes directly to people who are in great need. We are all volunteers and willingly pay our own way.

 Want to know more? Details at www.thebelarusfund.org/


Gospel For Asia Gospel For Asia

John Gonok: At present, I reach out to the lost with the love of Christ as an evangelist among the Hindu majority in Assam, India. To build the Lord's kingdom. I go for tract distribution, house-to-house visitation and personal evangelism. I also organise home-prayer meetings, youth and children's ministry. I am also involved in church-planting ministry. For more information, contact www.gfauk.org.


Slavic Gospel

Slavic Gospel Association (SGA)  

Sharing the vision and the work of the Slavic Gospel Association in Eastern Europe and supporting local missionaries. Here is a picture of our partners Daniel and Dorota Cichocki. We are commited to praying for them as they serve with SGA. For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Asia Link Asia Link

Supporting this charity as part of Asia Harvest, working to promote the gospel in Thailand, Laos, Burma, China and North Korea. For more information, contact www.asialink.org.uk


Life Association 

To help support the work of Life Association, providing education, food, clothing and healthcare for the Dalit people, the 'Untouchables' of India. For more information, contact www.lifeassociation.co.uk.



Baptist Mission Society (BMS)

The Baptist Union has its own missioanry network spanning the globe. We regulary support the work of BMS through finances and prayer as together we want to see the gospel for all nations. For more information, contact: www.bmsworldmission.org/



benj jud

Our BMS Partners

We specifically support Benjamin Francis who works in Kolkata, India. He oversees work that provides practical support for the most marginalised people of West Bengal as well as reaching out with the gospel to the least evangelised. As Part of Big Life Ministries they aim to reach people for Jesus through planting churches in villages around the region. They use the BMS boat, Peace 3, which visits the islands round West Bengal.

We also partner with Claire-Lise and David Judkins. As a family, they live in France with a long-term vision to plant a network of self-replicating churches in some of the more unreached parts.


Operation Mobilisation (OM) OM

OM use ships to travel the world with the Good News of Jesus. The ships visit many destinations where other missioanry organisations are not working. They have 1000's of vistors to the ship where people can access resources and materials about the Christian Faith. We support the work of OM through finances and prayer. For more information, contact: www.uk.om.org/


Barnabas Fund Barnabus Fund

Barnabas are doing some incredible work working where Christians live in minority and help them with aid, support and friedship. Money is given to local communities to dvelop projects to help sustain them. For more information, contact: https://barnabasfund.org/



The Mission Team

At HGBC we want to be a church that reaches out around the world and supports as many people as possible from all cultures and all contexts. We are inspired by the words of Jesus himself when he gave us the Great Commision.

Then Jesus came to them and said, 'All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.' Matthew 28:18-20 (NIV)

The Mission Team at HGBC is responsible for:

  • raising awareness within HGBC of Christian missionary work
  • encouraging the support of missionary activity in prayerful, practical and financial ways and,
  • challenging the congregation to be open to the call of God to go out into missionary work. 

HGBC firmly believes that the 'Mission Field' begins as we walk out of the door from church. For practical purposes, we have divided up the world into three areas: The Evangelism Team work to connect with the local community of Hazel Grove. The Home Mission Team partner with groups in the UK and finally the Overseas Mission cover any missional work outside of the UK.

Mission Team Leaders



Our well established Mission Team is headed up by Jamie and Debbie Erskine. Jamie and Debbie have returned from the mission field in Gambia four years ago. They worked there for sixteen years, as part of the WEC International team. Jamie served as the medical director over three clinics and Debbie as a Church worker and head of Sibanor Christian Pre-School. They have two daughters, Abigail and Lydia.

On their return to England we were delighted that they agreed to head the Mission Team and move us on in our vision to have mission at the heart of the church.


If you would like to contact Jamie and Debbie e: officehgbc.org.uk  |  t: 0161 487 3708


Prayer is at the heart of the Mission Team. We meet regualry in small groups and at church meetings to pray for our partners around the world. In addition we:

  • Supporting our own Missionaries through communication, prayer and giving.
  • Inviting guest speakers from Mission organisations to speak in services and meetings
  • Organising special mission focused events and activities
  • Sharing the needs and work of Christians in other countries to the congregation through notice boards, emails, newsletters and presentations
  • Allocating the Mission Team budget to support overseas and home missions.

Organisations and individuals

As a church, we seek to support a selected group of missionary organisations and individuals. Our passion is to see the group organisations we support grow year on year. Praying, resourcing and celebrating all that God is doing throughout the world.

Find out more about the missionary societies we work with:              Home Mission             Overseas Mission

Our Vision to be a sending church

Over the years many individuals have gone out from HGBC to work around the world. Our vision is to see that increase whether through long term or short term mission.

In addition many of our congregation have personal links with smaller projects and individuals. These include child sponsorship, church planting and social action. We recognise their passion and do all we can to support and encourge them, through prayer, as they follow Gods leading.

If you have any questions or information for the team, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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